What have you learned about yourself?

It is important to put past feelings into words in order for you to understand yourself in the future. The fact that we can find the words for our feelings will help us do this. What feelings did you have because of the pandemic? How are you feeling now? Write yourself a letter for the future about the feelings you experienced and how you see your future. 

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Psychotherapist Maaret Kallio advises us to look to the future. 

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If you allow this, your letter may be published anonymously at the Museum of Modern Feeling. Only the contents of the letter, your civil status and your age will be visible to the museum visitors. Not all letters will be published, even if permission is given.

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We need your approval in order to send you the letter. Letters may be used in the future as contemporary material for studies. It is our intention to save the letters as part of archiving the Covid-19 pandemic data in the National Archives of Finland. Archiving requires the consent of the writer.
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