Emotional work: animation on anger 

Heta-Linnea Kovanen, Illustrator and visual artist

Heta-Linnea Kovanen (b. 1990) is a Savonian illustrator and visual artist living and working in Helsinki.  

She works with the themes of living, such as growth, diversity and feelings. Through her work, she studies different ways of existing and living, and takes a particular interest in the adaptive capacity of plants. 

Her illustrations have featured previously in e.g. various musical and poetic publications and in newspapers and magazines. In addition, her animations have been presented at international film festivals.  

“I received a degree as an implementer of visual expression at the Pekka Halonen Academy in the middle of the pandemic in spring 2021. The majority of my studies consisted of distance learning, and a virtual graduation party was organised. Though I missed the company of people and face-to-face interaction, distance learning suited me quite well. I was able to fit my own schedules better around work and life outside of school. Of course, distance learning involved its own strain and challenges, but I think I was able to adapt quickly to the situation. I naturally hope that the pandemic is soon under control and we can once again meet normally!”