Work: Three-dimensional Wondrous House comic book (confusion) 

Terhi Adler, comic book artist

The Wondrous House is a three-dimensional comic book constructed in a dollhouse. The work may be examined from various angles, and it will reveal its different sides. The comic characters are made of paper pulp and painted with acrylic colours, and the balloons are made of paper.   

The Wondrous House is part of the Whatever comic book universe, where the thirty-something Tyttö (Girl) lives her chaotic daily life with her roommates Kissa (Cat) and Kasvi (Plant). Due to Covid-19, they feel slightly claustrophobic and bored and are trying to find a way to break free from the situation whatever it costs. After stuffing its mouth with everything it can find along with the toothpaste, Kissa swells up and becomes as large as a house, and Tyttö and Kasvi go through a metamorphosis. 

Confusion is a feeling present in this work, and also in the mind of the characters and the reader. Kissa’s levels of consciousness vary from one box/room to another and become increasingly peculiar as its limbs stick out from the windows like in Alice in Wonderland. The three-dimensional comic book is a new art form between the comic book and sculpture or installation, which in itself raises eyebrows. 

Graduating during the Covid-19 pandemic has of course led to uncertainty and concern about the career situation. Covid-19 has been difficult for visual arts and cultural events. To me, the pandemic has caused confusion, frustration and anxiety, but on the other hand, it has made me stop and rethink my values.