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Coronavirus Testing


I wipe my palms on my trousers, why won’t they stop sweating? My heart beats so hard I can feel it in my throat. I see a flash of the light blue protective gear out of the corner of my eye, and now my heart is in my mouth. This cannot be real, am I having a nightmare? It’s like I’m in some movie about the end of the world. I close my eyes and try to breathe. It’ll be over soon. It won’t take long. ‘Please tilt your head back and try to relax.’ I feel the cotton swap enter my nostril; my breathing gets quicker. ‘Just relax now.’ I feel like I need to sneeze. There’s a weird tingly sensation and an itch. My eyes are watering. It hurts. I’m starting to panic. Where do I even feel the pain? In my nostril or in my brain? In both? I can’t tell. 

‘My heart beats so hard I can feel it in my throat.’

The number of coronavirus tests increased five-fold

Compared to June, the number of coronavirus tests taken had increased five-fold by the middle of July. Many Finns found themselves listening to their friends talking about their testing experiences. The largest numbers of tests were taken in the Helsinki and Kymenlaakso regions and in Southwest Finland, Central Finland, South Karelia. The summer flu and allergy seasons most likely had a part to play in the increase.  

Finns have a positive attitude toward the testing

People got tested diligently – many got tested more than once. Sometimes the testing locations were overloaded. Many were worried about infecting their older loved ones or those in a risk group and got tested before visiting their relatives. Some were afraid of the test. Taking the swab sample from the cavity between the nose and the mouth can hurt or feel highly unpleasant. The test could leave an unpleasant memory for children in particular.  

How did you feel?

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When I was waiting for my turn to get tested for the coronavirus, I felt…

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