Kaksi naista keittiössä, jossa on valkoiset kaapistot. Toinen nainen kurkottaa ylähylylle ja toinen nojaa keittiön tasoon juomalasi kädessään. Naisilla on vähän vaatteita yllään.

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Happy Couple


The slice of pepper on the rye bread looks like a heart. There’s only one slice, but she’ll get it. Otherwise, the taste of the pepper will overpower the cheese. Someone else might have put on two slices, I guess they think it’s more logical. I’m blushing a bit, and the feelings of relief and belonging gently push down the heavy feeling of anxiety in my chest that watching the ten o’clock news once again brought on. At least I’m not alone while the world is ending. We can get through this together. 

‘At least I’m not alone while the world is ending.’

Love blossomed in Finland

On a global scale, the pandemic caused a spike in breakups and divorces. Apart from Helsinki, this did not happen in Finland. Many couples felt that facing the state of emergency made their relationship stronger. The pandemic also forced some couples to tackle the undiscussed issues in their relationship. Problems could be, and had to be, discussed when couples were together around the clock.  

Anyone can start to annoy you if you spend too much time with them

Being together constantly presented a challenge to many couples: creating a balance between being together and being alone. We all need some time alone, and no matter how much we love someone, their presence may become annoying if you spend too much time together. Couples who succeeded in ensuring both parties had some time to themselves as well felt that the pandemic did not place that much stress on their relationship. Actively taking responsibility over your own happiness also promotes a happy relationship.   

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When we spent weeks on end in each other’s company, I felt…

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