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Wave of solidarity


Fortunately, my dad happened to have this, and it had just passed the inspection. So that it will not break down on the way – it’s such a long journey, and so many things to take into consideration. Did I really remember everything? What was I supposed to say at the border; my thoughts get mixed up with the last night’s restless dreams. My mind won’t calm down; what if I don’t make it. What if something happens on the other side of the border. What will happen to my dad’s van. What will happen to my mum. Do I have enough petrol, where’s my water bottle. Who will meet me there. Now I must go.

“What was I supposed to say at the border; my thoughts get mixed up with the last night’s restless dreams.”

The eruption of war awakened the need to help in Finns

The extent and rate at which the Russia’s invasion of Ukraine prompted Finnish people to make donations was exceptional. In less than a month and a half, Finns had donated EUR 53 million to collections to help Ukraine. Many organisations reported to having received record-amounts of donations, particularly for supporting Ukrainian families and children. Some Finns also arranged collections of material aid themselves and even personally delivered stuff to Ukraine in vans. However, organisations emphasise that providing assistance via trusted organisations has been proven to the best way to help. It guarantees that the aid given includes the necessary amounts of medicines, food, hospital supplies and other kind of assistance needed at any given time. That also ensures that the aid is delivered through official channels, which reduces the risk of exploitation or black-market trading.

Source: Vala 2022

Helping Ukrainians

People in Finland want to help Ukrainians in their time of need, and many have been asking the Finnish authorities how they can help Ukrainians. The Ministry of the Interior has compiled an information package on monetary, goods and clothing donations, as well as on the accommodation and transportation of Ukrainians.

Helping Ukrainians | Ministry of the Interior

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