Punaisessa autossa istuu henkilö kasvomaski kasvoillaan. Hänen jaloissaan on koira. Kuljettajan puolen oven vieressä on tupakoiva mies.

Photo: Silla Simone

A visit to the border


The only sound I hear is the car’s air-conditioning. I have butterflies in my stomach, it’s our turn soon. I think there’s only ten cars before ours. Everyone’s quiet, our nervous excitement evident in our restless movements. Do we need to show our IDs? Did I take my passport with me? What will they ask? Will they let us cross the border because Päivi’s home city is Vantaa or will they tell us to go back? Our car jerks forward, and the electric atmosphere intensifies. It’s our turn soon. 

‘… our nervous excitement evident in our restless movements.’

Visiting the border became entertainment

In the days following the shutdown of Uusimaa, the police turned away over 800 vehicles at the border. People drove down all the way from Oulu to witness the extraordinary border and to try and slip past the security. A few resourceful explorers were issued fines for their trouble. 

Source: Helsingin Sanomat & Police of Finland

Excitement makes your blood flow and can be addictive

People consciously seek excitement and adrenaline rushes in all sorts of ways. Some engage in extreme sports, others watch scary movies. An exciting situation may also bring about a conscious experience of being afraid. 

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Nainen makaa ulkona terassilla metallisella punaisella sohvalla. Hänen vieressään on pöytä ja oranssi jakkara. Pihalla on kiviä.

Photo: Susa Junnola