Nainen makaa ulkona terassilla metallisella punaisella sohvalla. Hänen vieressään on pöytä ja oranssi jakkara. Pihalla on kiviä.

Photo: Susa Junnola



The sand is squeaking beneath my feet. I run a few steps just to try it. My breathing gets quicker, the wind is caressing my cheek. I feel at peace, like I can breathe. The air smells like the damp soil – like pine resin and frosted moss. The sun is warm and makes me sweat. The wind is caressing my cheek and I feel at peace. I decide that from now on, I’m an outdoor person.  

‘The wind is caressing my cheek and I feel at peace.’

When the cities became deserted, nature tracks became crowded

The number of visitors to parks and nature reserves doubled compared to the year before. Some people even felt that nature tracks became crowded. When the gyms and restaurants were closed and people were warned against social interaction indoors, Finns started meeting each other for walks and in parks. 

In the spring of 2020, Helsinki was deserted. Video by hasan & partners.

The forest makes us more positive

Being outdoors lowers our heart rate and blood pressure, and it has a positive mental effect. Being active in a forest or in nature relieves stress and improves our mood. It makes us calmer, inspires us and makes us more positive. Doing sports indoors does not have the same effect. It does not matter what you do. Just being surrounded by nature is enough.  

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Nainen seisoo ikkunalaudalla pesemässä ikkunoita kuulokkeet korvissaan. Mies istuu naisen vieressä ja lukee kirjaa.

Photo: Emilia Anundi