Etualalla älypuhelin, jossa on videopuhelu käynnissä. Puhelussa on kalju silmälasipäinen mies. Puhelimen takana vauva, jolla on yllään vaaleanpunainen paita.

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Baby Bubble


My skin feels electric, and my heart is pounding. Are we really doing this? Making a baby? I browse inspirational pictures of changing tables online. I remember seeing one of them in a story posted by one of the influencers I follow. I imagine my life with a baby. So sweet and so hard. But will there ever be a better time? We’re both home all the time, and we won’t miss out on anything while I’m pregnant, since all the events are cancelled. I feel warm. We’re doing this. We’re making a baby. 

‘… my skin feels electric and my heart is pounding. Are we really doing this? Making a baby?’

The most searched for keywords in the spring of 2020 were related to pregnancy

The spring in the midst of the pandemic made many dream of having a child, and Google searches related to pregnancy increased significantly. Finland’s birth rate had not been sufficient in the previous years, but by the end of 2020, it was slightly increasing. Nearly a thousand more babies were born in the spring of 2021 than in the previous spring. 

Source: Google trends

Parenthood comes with strong emotions

Baby plans often come with excitement and uncertainty. Getting pregnant may not happen as planned, which can be a huge disappointment and surprise. Those planning to have a baby may be faced with many exciting and bewildering moments. When pregnant, emotions are often stronger: feelings of joy and happiness can become very intense, but the same applies to disappointment too. Social pressure and inconsiderate comments may also hurt, confuse and cause stress.  

How did you feel?

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When we decided to try for a baby, I felt…

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Nainen ja mies, joiden välissä kaksi isoa pitkäkarvaista koiraa.

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