Nainen ja mies, joiden välissä kaksi isoa pitkäkarvaista koiraa.

Photo: Heedo Lee

Puppy Boom


A black Labrador Retriever puppy is jumping on its hind legs on the screen of my phone. Each jump sends a wave of excitement and love through me – why don’t we have a puppy? When I imagine having a puppy and playing with it, my heart and body feel warm. Why not? The excitement makes my heart beat faster. Just imagine the puppy, jumping on the rug right there. I’d never ever leave home again. Even if I could. And that ottoman would make a perfect bed, and there’s that little slot under our kitchen sink that would be perfect for the puppy’s food bowl. I go to Google and type ‘Labrador retriever puppies 2020’ in the search field. 

‘When I imagine having a puppy and playing with it, my heart and body feel warm.’

Finland ran out of puppies

Since we all finally had time to be at home, many decided to make their dreams of owning a dog true. Kennels reported a puppy boom like never before: all puppies found a home and waiting lists grew to span years.  

Dogs reduce stress and blood pressure

Hormone level measurements and brain magnetic resonance imaging have shown that humans love pets like they love children. The feeling is mutual – when a dog and its owner gaze into each other’s eyes, both the human and canine brain release feel-good hormones. Just being near your dog lowers your stress and blood pressure. 

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When I was dreaming of having a dog, I felt…

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Kaksi naista keittiössä, jossa on valkoiset kaapistot. Toinen nainen kurkottaa ylähylylle ja toinen nojaa keittiön tasoon juomalasi kädessään. Naisilla on vähän vaatteita yllään.

Photo: Emilia Anundi

Happy Couple