Koululaiset ulkona keväisessä säässä jonottamassa merkityin turvavälein. Osalla mukanaan ylioppilaslakki.

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‘Did you wash your hands?’


It feels kind of like Christmas. But weird. If I go to sleep early, then it will be tomorrow faster. I get to go to school, into the actual classroom. It doesn’t feel the same to study at home, it’s difficult and lonely. It’s different at school compared to before remote education. Everything feels weird. No one stands close to another person, except by accident. And we’re washing our hands constantly, and we watch videos of adults washing their hands during each class. Even during maths. And the songs always get stuck in my head. Remember to wash your hands. 

‘It feels kind of like Christmas. But weird.’

Hand washing videos were watched tens of thousands of times

Getting back to school meant following stricter rules on hygiene. Children had to keep up with the physical distancing rule at school too, and they were constantly reminded to wash their hands. The everyday life of school children included many instructional videos about hand washing. The videos gathered tens of thousands of views, many of which resulted from the video being shown during a lesson. The most watched one was called ‘käsienpesulaulu’, the hand washing song, and many children in Finland now know its lyrics by heart.  

The K-Citymarket hand washing song was watched tens of thousands of times. 

Children were happy to return to school

Most children were excited to return to school. Seeing their classmates again and studying in a classroom were important to many. To some children, school is a safe haven offering a respite from the challenging situation at home. 

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