Neljä tyttöä viettää kesäpäivää hiekkarannalla. Etualalla keltainen polkupyörä.

Photo: Katja Tähjä

Domestic Tourism


The green forest whisks past, out of focus behind the dusty window. Conifers are actually quite beautiful. A gentle coniferous scent mixed with the bitter but nostalgic scent of fresh asphalt flows in through the window. The blanket of green turns to blue. Sunlight is glistening on the surface of the lake. I close my eyes to remember the summers of my childhood and how it felt. When we drove to our summer cabin and stopped for ice cream a dozen kilometres before getting there. When the summers were always warm. And rain was no big deal. Rays of sunlight make my closed eyelids flash, the warm feeling of being safe descends on my shoulders and continues towards my fingers and toes. ‘Can we stop at the kiosk to get an ice cream?’ 

‘… to remember the summers of my childhood and how it felt.’

Summer vacations in the countryside and close to nature

Before the pandemic, Finns were some of the most avid travellers in the European Union. More than 90% of Finns over 15 years of age took at least one vacation outside Finland each year. During the summer in the midst of the pandemic, almost all trips were made within Finland. People spent their holidays at their summer cabins and near nature. 

Between May and August 2020, Finns took 9.7 million leisure trips that included an overnight stay. 

Staying overnight at self-owned or rented cabins increased by nearly 1.5 times compared to the year before. 

Relaxing is as important as sleep

Relaxing, resting, taking a break, and having the time and space to just be do not usually come on their own. They need to be organised and require attention. They are important for recovery and nearly as valuable as getting enough sleep. 

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