Nainen makaa sängyllä. Hänellä on kuulokkeet korvillaan ja hänen vieressään lattialla on kannettavatietokone.

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Digital Teacher


The display. There it is. My class. The audience to my monologue is just black circles, since the students won’t turn on their cameras no matter what I tell them. Are they even listening? The students at the top of the class return their assignments in good time. Some are absolutely thriving. But then there’s the student whose home is always so noisy. And the one who is present only every fourth time. Sometimes I feel like I’m a live streamer, not a teacher. How am I supposed to engage with everyone… ‘Hi, how’s it going? Are you there?’ 

‘Hi, how’s it going?’

The significance of interaction underlined

Teachers’ experiences of remote education varied. It was easier to adjust to the new situations with some students than others. Teachers saw maintaining interaction as particularly challenging, and when the remote education ended, its impact on the students was clear, since the progress of the individual students varied to different degrees of severity. 

Sources: Finnish Education Evaluation Centre, Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle

Remote education broadened the gap between different types of learners

Students who were already struggling with learning felt that the period of remote education was onerous. Teachers could not provide the same kind of support as they can in person. Remote education was stressful. In comprehensive school, some students could spend up to eight hours each day to complete assignments, while some disappeared from lessons completely.  

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Sänky, jonka päällä on värikäs peitto. Peiton alla on joku piilossa.

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A Child Without a Class