Nainen ja pieni lapsi nukkuvat sängyssä lähekkäin peittojen alla.

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Family bliss

Joy and sadness

Can you believe it! Our family gets to be together all the time now. We’ll escape to the summer cabin and just enjoy being close to nature. We’ll go on hikes in the forest and be active together. Really enjoy our time as a family! After the first week, I’m crying in the sauna. I don’t have the energy or the time. Meeting after meeting, I’m sitting in front of the laptop from dawn until dusk. I look out the window and see my husband and child playing games, fishing, just hanging out. I’m sitting here, on my laptop. Lay-offs, meetings, quick bites grabbed when my work allows it. I look into the other room where my child is lying on the floor playing games. I don’t even have time to go and just chat for a bit. 

‘After the first week, I’m crying in the sauna.’

Remote work and school were taxing for parents

Life happening more at home has had varying effects on families with children. Children had to rely on their parents more with school, and many parents felt overwhelmed trying to coordinate their remote work with their child’s remote education. On the other hand, many appreciated the extra time with their family and felt closer to their child or spouse as a result. 

Flexibility helped families cope

One tool used for making family life a bit easier was to make allowances here and there. For example, parents may have allowed more screen time for their children, to make more time for work. Messy homes were tolerated more, and takeaways were ordered more often. The importance of having some time alone was highlighted as well. Parents require some space as well to be able to recover and to be more present in their children’s lives.  

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After our family had been home for several weeks, I felt…

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