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Home Like A Prison


I try to breath as quietly as possible. My ears are buzzing. I’m invisible. I’m part of the wall behind me, just a stroke of the beige paint. Odourless, tasteless. Unreachable by provocation. My chest feels tight. My arms and legs feel like they are wrapped in weighted blankets. I concentrate on the soles of my feet; I distribute my weight evenly across them. I try to really feel the floor. If I concentrate hard enough, I can root myself to the floor through the soles of my feet. The hair on my skin stands up. I hear mumbling and cursing from the other room. I can taste the anger in the air. 

‘I’m part of the wall behind me, just a stroke of the beige paint.’

The pandemic increased dysfunction in families

Loneliness, domestic violence, and issues with substance abuse increased unhappiness of families and individuals. Organisations providing support, such the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters, received record numbers of contact requests. Domestic abuse is often repeated, progressing in waves, and becomes more brutal if allowed to continue. Victims of domestic abuse are more vulnerable during a pandemic when their contact with the rest of the world is restricted. The mental health of young people also deteriorated, which was seen as an increase in the use of chat services in particular. 

Helplessness and hopelessness are overpowering

Domestic violence can be physical or mental, and it always leaves its mark on the victim. Prolonged exposure to violence leaves the victim feeling helpless and hopeless. The feelings of being in danger and of fear can lead to depression and emotional trauma. Being humiliated physically or verbally causes the victim to feel inferior and ashamed. If you are a victim of violence, remember: it is never your fault! We all have the right to personal integrity. 

If you are in a violent relationship, do not hesitate to contact support services. The Naisten linja association provides help and support via phone and chat  

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