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I’m scared of going to bed. What if sleep just won’t come – again? When day turns to night, anxiety raises its head within me. My thoughts are spinning. My bed feels like a prison: the pillows, the duvet and the sheets are my wardens. It feels strange to think that other people just go to bed and fall asleep. I fall asleep only to wake up startled.  

‘My bed feels like a prison: the pillows, the duvet and the sheets are my wardens.’

Coronasomnia took over the world

Insomnia caused by the coronavirus crisis is found around the world. A predisposition for feeling distressed may be a factor in whether a person is susceptible to suffer from insomnia due to the coronavirus crisis. Finns are predisposed to anxiety, which is why coronasomnia hit Finns harder than Italians, for example, even though the pandemic itself hit Italy harder. 

Markku Partinen, an expert in sleep research, talks about the emotions experienced during insomnia. 

Sleep is important for recovery

Symptoms related to exhaustion and fatigue have been steadily increasing in recent years. The coronavirus pandemic further decreased our quality of sleep and sleep in general. The most common symptom is a decrease in the quality of sleep. Waking up at night or being unable to sleep due to intrusive thoughts or anxiety. When we sleep poorly, our bodies cannot recover. Our brains cannot recover, which means their waste removal systems cannot function properly. This leads to fatigue and exhaustion. 

How did you feel?

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When I went to bed at night, I felt…

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