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Remote Work


‘I’m sorry, I think Aura lost her connection? Can you hear me?’ I’ve grown fond of this little ritual. We curse at the bad connections and then move on to marvel at each other’s house plants. If we’re lucky, someone’s pet makes an appearance on the camera. I feel like I’m being watched more intensely than when I meet people face to face. I never realised it was this exhausting to smile constantly. I can hear someone’s child screaming through their mic.  

‘If we’re lucky, someone’s pet makes an appearance on the camera.’

Home became more important

Social distancing had very different effects on different professionals in Finland. Where one person could build a workstation in their living room for remote work, others had to worry about losing their jobs entirely. As life started happening within the home more, our homes became more important. Interior design, house plants, and cooking became a more significant part of our lives. 

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Oven-baked dishes were popular during the pandemic

The pandemic took the popularity of home cooking to new heights and internet searches for recipes increased two-fold compared to the year before. Finns favoured oven-baked dishes – macaroni and cabbage casserole, home-made pizza, and sheet pan nachos were particularly popular. 

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Pieni tyttö kirjoittaa koulukirjaansa. Taustalla toinen lapsi makaa kyyryssä sängyssä ilman vaatteita.

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Home schooling