Kaksi miestä seisoo kerrostalon pihalla aurinkoisessa säässä. He keskustelevat parvekkeella olevan vanhemman naisen kanssa.

Photo: Soile Kallio

Living room art gallery


Why is it so white? Where do I make the first stroke? Pink is my favourite colour; I dip my brush in the paint and drag it across the canvas almost carelessly. My heart skips a beat, and a smile appears on my face. I should have tried this years ago! It’s beautiful in its asymmetry. Maybe I’ll put together an exhibition when the pandemic passes. 
I’ll give this one to my grandmother as a present. 

‘My heart skips a beat, and a smile appears on my face.’

Social isolation made us invest in our homes

Being at home all the time led to increased sales for online shops and increased interest in home decor. Spaces for hobbies and work were created in homes, which increased sales of work chairs and desks. Gardening also increased in popularity and sales of gardening supplies grew 15 per cent in Finland compared to previous years. 

Creativity helps to cope with adversities

In addition to making art, creativity includes plenty of other experimentation, play and self-expression that can be engaged in the garden or in the form of a DIY project, for example. Creativity has been felt to increase our sense of security and to help cope with adversities. Being relaxed promotes creativity, makes our imagination fly, and improves our ability to learn. 

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Nainen ja pieni lapsi nukkuvat sängyssä lähekkäin peittojen alla.

Photo: Tuomas Aro

Family bliss

Joy and sadness